Camp Adonai Revival Weekend

We are excited to announce a Camp Adonai Revival weekend! This retreat will be available for 15 and 16 year olds (born in 2005 and 2006), as well as previous counsellors. We plan to hold the retreat at Camp Opemikon from September 24–26.

Camp Adonai

An Christian summer camp for youth aged 9–15.

Summer Fun Starts
at Camp Adonai

Summer Fun Starts at Camp Adonai

For over 50 years, our campers have made memories that last a lifetime.

At Camp Adonai, we provide a natural environment that encourages spiritual growth and community in young people.

We do this through worship and small group discussion, along with building relationships in large and small group activities.

Camp Adonai is located at Christie Lake near Maberly, Ontario, at the Scouts Canada Camp Opemikon campsite.

We are a non-profit, volunteer driven organization. Camp runs for two, one-week periods.

Information Guides

Information Guides

For Campers

Whether you're a new camper or a returning friend, find out what to expect at your next Camp Adonai experience.

For Campers

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For Parents

Your young camper will have the time of their life at Camp Adonai. Learn about drop off and pick up times and get a complete packing list here.

For Parents

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For Staff

This guide will help our incredible volunteer staff make the most of their Camp Adonai experience and help ensure the campers in their care do too.

For Staff

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